Johnnyswim Tour 2019 & Concert Dates & Tickets

Johnnyswim are coming to many US cities in 2019 with their new tour. The list of all concert dates is available down below. You can buy your ticket now!

WED JUN 5 7:30 PM The Union Event Center, Salt Lake City, UT BUY TICKETS
FRI JUN 7 8:00 PM Showbox SoDo, Seattle, WA BUY TICKETS
SAT JUN 8 9:00 PM Roseland Theater, Portland, OR BUY TICKETS
MON JUN 10 8:00 PM Masonic Auditorium At Nob Hill Masonic Center, San Francisco, CA BUY TICKETS
WED JUN 12 7:30 PM Humphreys Concerts By The Bay, San Diego, CA BUY TICKETS
THU JUN 13 8:00 PM The Van Buren, Phoenix, AZ BUY TICKETS
FRI JUN 14 9:30 PM Ace Hotel – Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA BUY TICKETS
FRI JUL 12 1:00 PM Basilica of St Mary, Minneapolis

Basilica Block Party 2 Day Pass with JOHNNYSWIM, Kacey Musgraves, Jason Mraz, CHVRCHES and more

SAT JUL 13 1:00 PM Basilica of St Mary, Minneapolis

Basilica Block Party Satudray Pass with JOHNNYSWIM, Kacey Musgraves, Jason Mraz, CHVRCHES and more

SAT SEP 7 1:00 PM Coolidge Park, Chattanooga

Moon River Music Festival with JOHNNYSWIM, Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit, Brandi Carlile and more (September 7-8)



Nowadays, different genres of music can be heard all over the world. Each Genre has its own distinctive features that make them different from the others. Music is undeniably, a part of our day to day lives and each one of us has our own music preferences. Johnnyswim is an American music duo who are both singer-songwriters. Johnnyswim sings American folk, soul, blues and pop music genre.

The band is composed of Amanda Sudano and Abner Ramirez. They are not just any ordinary duo because they are a real-life couple. Though Johnnyswim has a really good name in the music industry, both have good careers before they started their band. Amanda Sudano is from a musically-inclined family. Her mom, Donna Summer, who happened to be a Grammy award-winning singer is a very successful singer that started her career way back 70’s. His father, Bruce Sudano, is also a singer-songwriter and is well-known because he had created some hit songs for famous singers like Michael Jackson, Dolly Parton, Donna Summer and a few more artists.  Amanda inherited her talent in music from her parents and not only that, but she is also a well-known model and was the very first black model to be featured in Louis Vuitton. Amanda had pursued her career as a singer-songwriter and met Abner Ramirez in one music event and eventually, they decided to make a band together. Abner Ramirez, on the other hand, is a vocalist, songwriter, and a guitarist in Nashville before she met Amanda.

There is actually a funny story as to how Amanda and Abner met. Abner met Amanda a few years back and he immediately thought of her to be the one he is going to marry but unfortunately, Amanda is in a relationship during that time and what’s funny about it is that he declared his intentions to Amanda at the front of Amanda’s date that time which is a complete turned down for him. But just like what the saying says, “if it’s meant to be, it will be”. At 2005, a few years after they first met, Amanda and Abner met in a writing session. Both had become friends that turned into a relationship. Just like other couples, Amanda and Abner had been thru ups and downs and had breakups and the like all throughout their relationship. In the year 2009, the duo decided to get married and was luckily blessed with a son and a daughter.

Though both have started their band year 2005, it is until the year 2008 that they released their debut EP titled Johnnyswim. The singles included in their first EP are; “You’re not gonna leave me here”, “Letting Go”, “Why’d you do it”, and “Away I go”.  Johnnyswim had released three studio albums in their entire music career starting with “Diamonds” which was released in 2014, next is “Georgica Pond” in the year 2016 and their latest album titled “Moonlight” that was released just this year 2019. They also have one live album titled “Johnnyswim Live at Rockwood Music Hall” and a holiday album titled “Johnnyswim Christmas”.

Johnnyswim had made a name in the music industry and had gone so far from where they started. They had gone to different tours all over the US and more and more people are listening to their music. Johnnyswim had released songs that had left a mark to most listeners and was even aired to some known programs. Johnnyswim was also invited to several shows already and some of their singles were used by some programs as a theme song. Their singles had become famous and up to these days, a lot of people are still looking forward to hearing more from them.

Johnnyswim had created songs that had inspired a lot of people. They dedicate their life in creating songs that would create an impact on the world. The type of songs that most people can relate and for sure you will agree with me the time you hear their singles. Being in a relationship and being in work together is very hard to manage especially when a problem arises. However, despite all the circumstances and rejections, Johnnyswim had ventured the world and proved that they are worth it to listen too.

There is more to know about Johnnyswim and more upcoming events to look forward from them. To know more about their songs, you can actually visit their official page on YouTube. If you want to follow them in social media, you can follow them on Instagram @johnnyswim and Twitter @JOHNNYSWIM and the same goes on Facebook. They have updates on their social media accounts regarding their upcoming events and videos of some of their tours can also be viewed here. Be sure to keep yourself updated by following them on their social media accounts. They might come to visit your place anytime soon so be sure to keep yourself up to date or you might miss it.

Johnnyswim Tickets, Tour Dates

Johnnyswim has a lot of scheduled tours this 2019 and if you are one of their fans, then it is the best time for you to watch them live. They will visit different states all over the US and will perform to their fans. If you wanted to know their schedules you can scroll up and check for the availability of the tickets, dates, and locations. In this website, you will have the option to buy a ticket online and reserved a seat for you.

The earliest schedule available for Johnnyswim as of this time is on May 03, at St. Louis, Missouri and the last tour on the list is on June 14 in Los Angeles, Ca. They have schedules almost every day in between these dates. If you plan to attend one of their tours, then it is best for you to book your ticket ahead of time. Everything can be done online and you will be given options to do multiple bookings as well. Some venues will give you an option for parking reservation which is totally cool. Parking space during this kind of events is something that worries most people so it is one thing less to worry about just in case.

During their tours, it is expected for Johnnyswim to sing their famous songs. For sure their single “Home” which was a theme-song of one famous show will be included and the same goes with “Don’t let it get you down”. The last mentioned song had more than 17 million Spotify streams way back 2013 so this one song that they won’t miss because for sure many fans will be expecting to hear this song. Another song that is expected from them is their single “First Try”. This single was part of their Georgia Pond albums and this created many sold-out tours around the world and it is one of their songs that the audience is looking forward to hearing.

There is no specific information as to what songs will be sung during their concerts but for sure all of your favorites will be included. They only have 12 singles released since they started so who knows, they might sing it all. For sure many fans would be glad about this concert tour of Johnnyswim.

Now, if you are ready to rock their concert then book your tickets as early as now. If you are a fan, then you should know that many people love this duo. There is no time to waste, tickets are readily available online so go ahead and book yours now.